Low Maintenance Trees and Shrubs for Your Landscape

We all wanted our property to look spectacular. That’s why most people invest in landscaping because it’s one of the great ways to improve the aesthetic appeal of your properties and to also add home value to it. However, not everyone has the luxury of time to take care of the shrubs and trees in the landscape. Others hire a tree service company and let them do the maintenance but if you want, there are ways you can cut costs but still keep your landscape well-maintained.

Shrubs and trees are important part of any landscape and the easiest way to take care of them is to choose the least demanding species once they reach maturity. Plant addition to your garden or landscape will require care, but there are species that only need some bit of trimming and pruning once in a while. You have to consider a lot of things, that’s why an advice from a tree care professional would be needed. However, if there is a need for you to remove a tree you should contact a tree removal Charlotte NC.

Trees and shrubs can help you create a feeling of home and comfort that’s closer to nature. Have you visited houses that lack trees and greens around it? It feels bare and lacks something that only an installation of gardens, shrubs and trees can suffice. If you don’t want to be boring, you have to install the greens yourself because they won’t just magically grow in your backyard. You have to select the varieties that will match your house and lifestyle and your capability to take care of them.

When Choosing the Varieties

If you want a landscape that’s low-maintenance like most of us like, you should avoid installing some varieties of trees and shrubs. There are species that are really beautiful and spectacular but are not low-maintenance. If you don’t have the luxury of having time to care for the landscape, you should avoid these species: mimosa, Norway maple (reseeds constantly), willows (prone to pests and messy), mulberry (prone to disease and has messy fruits), poplar (has weak wood and invasive roots) and Siberian elm.

Varieties to Purchase

If you want to add more color to your landscape, Japanese barberry is a good choice. It comes in several colors you can choose from. It is best planted on an area where it gets hit with a full sunlight so plant it on the dry side. It’s low maintenance because it only needs some spring pruning.

If you want a tree that can adapt to many soil conditions like well-drained or moist soil, Amur maple is a good choice. It has dark green leaves that turn red-orange during fall season. It’s good for your landscape where its color matches the color scheme of the season. It can shade your patio or porch so you better plant it near theme. It requires watering during dry season.

If you want a year-round delight tree for your landscape, the Katsura tree is a good option. It has scented heart-shaped leaves that will leave everyone in awe. Its shaggy-style bark is also attractive for winter landscape.

You can also opt for Persian parrotia, river brich and Japanese kerria.